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How to raise your vibrations - and why.

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Hello everyone,

It is the time for New Year's resolutions, so I thought I'd write my first blog on how we can raise our vibrations and why that matters.  Now that science and spirituality have finally met and we know that we and everything we perceive is energy at different levels of density, it makes sense to look at the frequency (rate of vibration) of our energy. I will be writing in more detail on several of the subjects touched upon in this blog in the near future, but to make it short: the higher our vibration, the higher our level of consciousness, the better we feel on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and the more we can be centered and weather any storms and challenges.

Each level of consciousness inherently presents with a predominant behavior, emotion and view of life, going from a state of powerlessness and shame to love, joy, peace and, ultimately, enlightenment.  Check out the Dr. Hawkins scale of consciousness.

While enlightenment might not be what you are after, feeling better probably is.  Also, if you are desiring to see a different state of the world, the only place to start is within YOU.


So, how do we do this?  Below is a list of 15 ways to raise your vibrations, and feel better. Just pick one or two things to change per week, month or whatever feels right and once you have integrated them, simply add another. 

Basically, it comes down to this: engage and surround yourself with “things” and people with a higher vibration, at least most of the time, and let go of anything with a lower vibration.  If any of those steps are really triggering for you:  first, that’s great to know, and second, do some of the others first, then those difficult ones will become much easier.

1. Food and Water:  More nutrients, less toxins.  Best are fresh, organic, ideally local and seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.  Compared to other foods these have the most light – the highest vibration.  Drink natural spring water. Tap water has known toxins (chloride, fluoride and, nowadays, a number of other chemicals / medications) in it. Spend time by water (negative ions!!). Take an Epsom salt bath, it cleanses.

2. Movement and Breath:  Be active, get your blood moving, sweat and breathe deeply – ideally do this outdoors or in a place that feels great.  Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are three fantastic practices with numerous benefits to all aspects of your being.

3. Time in Nature:  Mother Earth has a vibration that is great to attune to, it’s uplifting and healing (Earthing: take off your shoes if you can ;)  ). 

4. Do things you love:  Whatever that looks like.  For me:  dancing, being outdoors, being with people that I love and that inspire me, being at “work”, learning about subjects that interest me, Yoga, nordic skiing, exploring the world – inside and out, doing creative projects.

5. Stop blaming, complaining, gossiping:  We all do it, but have you noticed how low you feel afterwards?  Instead, start taking FULL responsibility for whatever is in your life.  Realize that no one but you has control over your life.  You are the only one that can change it.

6. Do an inventory, say YES or NO and let go:  Become conscious of who and what is nourishing or draining in your life.  Why hang around people who deplete you?  Choose wisely what you take in via food, music, movies, books, social and public media, places you spend time in, … .  And then:  act on what you know is beneficial or detrimental for you. 

7. De-clutter and beautify your environment:  Quality over quantity.  Feel fantastic in your home!!! Make it a sanctuary.  Plants, water fountains, candles, crystals – they really work, meaning – they uplift the energy in a space.  Hording & procrastinating – HUGE energy drainers. 

8. Gratitude:  Find something to be grateful for everyday – especially when it’s hard – and say it out loud.  This will immediately attune you to a very high vibration!  If, on some days, that seems impossible:  find something beautiful and appreciate that.

9. Random acts of kindness:  It feels sooo good!

10. Rest:  Get enough downtime for your body and mind.  I realize that’s a hard one for most of us, but it’s one of the most important ones.  Decluttering your life will help here.

11. Meditate:  Make regular time for a practice that allows you to feel yourself and to connect to your wise inner voice.  Meditations can be geared toward increasing your ability to focus, creating space to receive creative impulses, healing, connecting to what some call “God” or to benevolent beings of other dimensions, … .  Choose what feels right to you – and when.

12. Be more compassionate and forgiving:  Be so with yourself and others. 

13. Get a hug and laugh.  Need I say more?

Here are the two that are closest to my heart – and they are what I am working more and more with in my professional practice:

14. Become more and more conscious of your thoughts, emotions, sensations, words, actions and intuitions:  What does that mean? 

Since the time we were in utero, our subconscious mind has been programmed with all kinds of information.  A great portion of that is neither true nor enjoyable.  Becoming aware of our belief systems is seriously life-changing and a great way to start if you desire to be more happy and empowered.  For one week or longer, set a timer to notify you every 10, 60 or however many minutes and check in with your state of being.  What are you doing, thinking, feeling?  What sensations are going along with that in your physical body?  Do you have any intuitive “knowings” about what this information could be related to?  Write all of this down if you can.  This way you are doing an inventory of how you live your life.  Is that congruent with how you want to live it?  If yes, Congratulations!  For most of us it will be quite shocking, and that’s the perfect place to start.  Our inner world is reflected in our outer world, not vice versa.  So now, that we are MORE CONSCIOUS of how we invest our precious energy on a daily basis, we can make MORE CONSCIOUS choices.

15. Release emotional trauma and limiting beliefs. 

Detox your body on all levels.  

I wish you a glorious start into 2017!  Much love, Skye

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