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Bridging science & spirituality, and combining the wisdom & experience born out of 30 years of supporting clients within Western, Eastern as well as complementary fields of Medicine, as well as from transforming severe trauma and difficulty in my own life, I know you can heal and create the change you desire.


cutting through unconscious mental-emotional patterns which block you from moving forward and living a free life.


  • Re-pattern your mindset & toxic beliefs.

  • Overcome chronic stress, and build clarity and resilience.

  • Increase your emotional intelligence, confidence and energy.



In individual sessions as well as intensive retreats, you are guided to understand and harness the power of your mind, your emotions and your creative energy.

You learn practices to undo the destructive power of patterns like guilt, shame, worry, resentment and unworthiness, and overcome addictions, anxiety, frustration, procrastination and overwhelm.

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and situation, drawing from my experience as an MD, Acupuncturist, energy and shamanic practitioner, transformational coach and healing my own story.


restoring your body, mind & soul to wholeness.

  • No medications, safe & non-invasive methods

  • Applied kinesiology and clearing of toxic patterns, using the energy & intelligence of the body and mind



These treatments work well for allergies, infections as well as reactions to environmental toxins. They help with auto-immune diseases and conditions like fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, digestive and respiratory issues and more.

Depending on your health and the severity of the condition, one or more sessions are needed to reset and restore your body.

There are no side effects or negative interactions with other types of treatments or medications you might currently receive.

Testing for what supplements are supportive for you is also available.


"In just a short time working with Claudia, I was freed of my limiting beliefs, fell in love with myself again and jumped back into the driver's seat of my life. ... exceeding all of my health goals ... reignited my marriage ...set out in new business directions. Total transformation from the inside out.”  ~ Aaron ("EVOLVE" with monthly sessions)

Therapy, self-help books, ... truly nothing has helped as well as the process in which Claudia takes you through. At 52 years old, I’m finally discovering myself.”  ~ Debra (individual sessions every twice a month)

“This has profoundly assisted me in remembering who I am and why I'm here. Take a hold of this work and let it come home. It will bring immense gratefulness and knowingness into your life."  ~Lisa (The Conscious Co-creation Code I & II)

"I have been through a lot of programs before in personal and spiritual development, but Claudia brings a level of depth that I have never experienced before, esp. in healing. A skin condition I had for years is gone, and I had my first 6-figure year in my business."  ~ Kevin ("EVOLVE with monthly sessions)

"I was in a very dark place, defining my happiness through my corporate job and pleasing other people, and projecting my own unhappiness on the people I loved the most. Claudia's guidance allowed me to awaken my authentic Self and restore self-love into my Soul. My relationships are stronger than ever, I show up in my workplace like never before, I have reconnected with my Divine Feminine, I have been guided back home.”  ~ Meredith (12 weekly sessions)

"My husband has noticed a noticeable difference in how I handle myself in difficult situations, my ability to keep calm where I otherwise would have spiraled. I have found an inner peace through ups and downs I didn't know I was capable of. My perspective on life has been shifted profoundly. Life is truly beautiful!"  ~ Carrie (12 weekly sessions)


If deep down you believe that being healthy, happy and free is too much to ask for in life, you won’t experience it.

There is a part of you that wants to be liberated. 


It is You minus your conditioning, your Soul's essence, your most beautiful, familiar Self.


“After two sessions, my 6-year old’s asthma went away and hasn’t come back in over 3 years. Thank you!” ~ Jess


“All my organs were failing due to an unknown infection, and no doctor could help me. One single session with Claudia restored me back to health. My wife and I are deeply grateful.”  ~ Brian


“I had severe colitis and a constant sore throat for several years. Despite taking 18 different drugs and supplements each day, I couldn’t eat most foods, experienced massive digestive issues and felt chronically exhausted. After 4 online long-distance sessions with Claudia, my throat as well as digestion are completely normal, I'm off all my medications, and significant seasonal allergies are literally gone. I’m blown away!” ~ Amy 


“I was given two years to live with a fungal infection in my lungs. After two clearings, the infection went away and hasn’t come back in 9 yearsI.”  ~ Susan


“I was severely limited in what I could eat and felt lethargic and foggy headed for years. After the clearings for candida, parasites and some food allergies, I can enjoy a normal diet again, and I feel energized and clear-headed like I used to.”  ~ Jill


“Claudia’s clearings helped our whole family recover from severe mold intoxication. So thankful!”  ~ James


“My 13-year old daughter experienced a profound reversal of symptoms that had plagued her since birth. I'm truly grateful."

~ Debbie

"My daughter had severe allergies to pet dander and couldn't visit friends because of it. After just a few sessions with Claudia, she can be with all animals and has so much more freedom in her life."  ~ Sarah

"There was barely anything left that I could eat without getting really sick. Addressing my gut health with Claudia's sessions, I can now eat a normal diet and enjoy food again. Thank you!!"  ~ Joanne


We don't know how much more energy or mental clarity we would enjoy if we restored our gut health and cleared food or environmental allergens.

How can I support you?

Dr. Claudia Skye at her home in Lyons, CO

Are you interested in working together?

If you would like to explore working with me, I suggest you and I meet on an exploratory call during which you can share what you are looking to change.

We will get to know each other, I will suggest a path forward, and you will know if I am the right practitioner for you.


If, after a few sessions, you feel like going deeper, you can make a stronger commitment and receive a greater level of support and accountability by enrolling into one of the courses I offer, and we would meet on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

You can also experience the courses in your own rhythm and simply reach out for an inner alchemy healing session or allergy or infection clearing session whenever you feel like you'd like additional support.

Each session is unique and engages you at the level of YOUR BODY, MIND, SOUL, SPIRIT & VITALITY.

It might include

  •  - re-patterning of limiting beliefs and mindset shifting

  • - the liberation of emotional blocks, returning your own life force back to you

  • - the release of energetic enmeshment with other people, situations or places

  • - the calling back of your Soul's essence and personal power

  • - transforming self-sabotaging habits into ones that serve

  • - guided meditations to increase your inner clarity, confidence, energy

  • - practices to bring your energy into integrity and cultivate healthy boundaries

  • - nutritional consultation to boost your vitality

We are not meant to walk this path alone.

Loss of personal power and connection with Life shows up as feeling anxious, angry, stuck or lost...


It leads to dysfunctional relationships, to physical, mental or emotional health problems, financial struggles or blocks in how we express ourselves creatively or with people.


Whatever is going on in our lives and whatever symptoms we are experiencing is a reflection of deeper patterns within ourselves which our Soul is asking us to bring to light so that we can expand in consciousness and into our greater Selves.

By acknowledging what's not working and courageously looking and feeling within, we begin to take our power back and create the lasting change we long for.

In person (Lyons, CO) and long-distance appointments available. (HSA payments available)

"Working with Claudia for 3 months created a more profound change in my life and well-being than all of the years of conventional therapy or personal growth programs together."  ~ Deborah


"Claudia is so much more than a coach. She is a compassionate friend and mentor, and an expansive spirit."  ~ Carrie

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