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All courses are designed to deeply empower you, and to help expand your



Spiritual Connection

Life-force and Well-Being

Capacity to create a life & environment that is meaningful to you

in a practical and tangible way.


They share teachings, tools & practices, increasing clarity, compassion & confidence.

"The practices and techniques I learned are things that I will use for the rest of my life. Taking Claudia's course has changed my life and allows me to listen to my Higher Self and be more aware of what matters to me.  When you know better, you do better."  ~ Amanda

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

in the most natural way.

An online course with practical wisdom, tools & practices to help you return to inner peace, freedom & joy.

Learn calming, confidence building & self-empowering skills you can do anywhere.

Resource yourself with in the moment & long-term strategies to release and become immune to stress, and to no longer imprint fear & trauma into the space & the people around you.

Examples of Content:

The Power of Intent

A different perspective on Anxiety

The Power of Breath

The Power of Devotion

The Power of Voice


De-mystify the awakening process.

This is a 9-month course for deep healing and empowerment.  Resource yourself during this time of change, and navigate your life with more grace, awareness & skill.

Learn how to liberate your mind, your emotions and your energy from the past and limiting patterns that keep you stuck.

Uncover your authentic Self and unlock your greater potential.

Unlock your hidden Wisdom & Strength.


Transcend perceived limitations and learn to guide your creative energy to heal, to manifest and to connect with your higher power.

Avatar Toolkit

Navigate energy with safety and confidence.

The AVATAR TOOLKIT Level One is a foundational self-study course for taking personal ownership of our energy as well as consciously, confidently & skillfully collaborating with the realm of spirit.

Connecting with the unseen aspect of ourselves, a part which is as "real" as any physical part of us, we deepen our relationship with Life itself.


In opening ourselves safely to the unseen, we guide ourselves through the layers of our existence and reclaim an essential part of who we are.


You remember how to do this.


Equip yourself with teachings, practices and tools to support yourself on this mind- and life expanding journey.

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