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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

in the most natural way.

Practical wisdom, tools & practices which will help you return to inner peace, joy & freedom.

Learn & practice calming, confidence building & self-empowering skills you can do anywhere.


Listen to this audio course and watch the accompanying videos to

resource yourself with in the moment & long-term strategies to release and become immune to stress, and to no longer imprint fear & trauma into the space & the people around you.

In this course, I share the very best of what I have learned from my own healing journey as well as from working with thousands of clients in different fields of Medicine for over 30 years. 

       Table of Content


  1. Introduction

  2. What is stress?

  3. A different perspective on Anxiety

  4. Awareness & Sacred Intent

  5. Receiving your Sacred Intent – the practice

  6. Powerful Breath Practice

  7. Alchemizing Stress out of the body

  8. Alchemizing Stress – the practice

  9. The Power of Movement

  10. Supporting the Body

  11. The Power of Your Voice

  12. The Power of Devotion

  13. Support from Nature

  14. The Law of Sacrifice

  15. Reducing Stress or Anxiety in the Moment


Video: Unblock the flow of energy in your whole body in just a few minutes.


Bonus: The Power of Medicinal Plants & Fungi

Bonus video: Shaking & Heel Bump


Gift Yourself a Path & Toolbox for Inner Peace.




Thank you!

"I started working with Claudia at a time in my life when I was struggling with self-esteem and financial challenges. I felt lost, in crisis, and losing faith in my ability to succeed. Claudia provided a sound structure of support that helped me catalyze a shift in believing in my own potential, paving the way to a new exciting career which I now enjoy, and realizing the power we each hold to manifest prosperity."  ~ George

If we realized how powerful we are, and how we can guide our innate creative power, we would prioritize learning how it works and make space for it in our day-to-day.

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