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If Life asked you "What is your greatest wish?" how would you answer?


Join us on the Stargate, a recognized power spot, and Heart Stone Farm near Lyons, Colorado.

Surrender into the tranquil beauty of rolling hills, river beds, red sandstone walls and natural grasslands.


Bathe in the crystal waters. Meditate in a grove of grandfather trees. Receive the timeless teachings of the 500 million year-old cliffs. Connect with the spirits of this land, the ancestors, one another, and yourself.

Our vision is to host a variety of conscious gatherings, retreats, classes, workshops and ceremonies on this sacred land.


The overarching intention is to raise loving awareness, well-being of body-mind-soul-spirit and community, wholeness and sovereignty through recognizing and reconnecting with the Divinity in all of us and all of Life.


As stewards of this land, we recognize the profound healing capacity the natural and spiritual world offers and spending time in nature as a pathway of our individual awakening and deeper healing.


We are looking to welcome local as well as national and international facilitators for breathwork, yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, other healing arts, rites of passage, reconnection with the land and inner guidance, an increase in understanding of Self, healing of body-mind-soul-spirit & community, raising consciousness, self-love, and sovereignty.

Everyone is welcome.

"Come! THIS is transformation."  ~ Mary

Come and re-birth yourself.



Something is yearning to emerge from within you.


Let it.


When you immerse yourself in nature, in beauty, and in stillness, your Soul begins to breathe more deeply.


It awakens from a deep sleep.


With the intention to heal, know and embrace yourself, this becomes an opportunity to stand in the Sacred Fire of Initiation.


Alchemizing heavy energy patterns, you begin to feel and understand yourself in a rich and forgotten place – your longings, your lessons, your truth and your greatness.


It is your Soul re-membering itself.


Gift yourself a complete break from your routine and retreat at the STARGATE PROPERTY,


a gem and natural power place near Boulder, Colorado.


Get clear on what you would love from life and mean your intention.


Soak up the energy of the Stargate's sacred sites, reach deep into your Soul, and find the courage to accept your true Self.


As you navigate your unique journey home through 

  • sacred intention setting

  • nature-based healing ceremonies

  • holistic processing (somatic trauma release with mental-emotional integration, shamanic healing, myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, breath work …) 


you transform what is ready to be released and arrive at deep integration.


Throughout this initiatory time, you will enjoy the safe and sacred space offered by the surroundings, our experienced staff as well as the privacy of your room.

You will revitalize with fresh, nutritious, organic meals and nurturing concoctions.

Ready to heed the call?


We are here for you.

"Claudia has this incredible way of bringing limiting paradigms to the surface while simultaneously giving you the tools and guidance to face them."  ~ ZC

Would you like to learn more about coming for an intensive retreat?

Feel free to send an email to or

If you would like to book the retreat space for your own offerings, feel free to contact me.


This land is alive. It is powerful. It emits a dragon-like energy.


Like all of Earth, it’s sacred.


As stewards of the Stargate property, we’d like to welcome you.


Our individually curated retreats (singles and small pods) offer deep emotional – mental – spiritual and physical well-being.


They are inspired by the intelligence and inspirited with the energy of this place. Each day holds experiences for you which are guided by the wisdom of the land and facilitated by us.



The retreats involve or include:

  • Stillness and silence. You have your own private space to live in the Villa or closer to the land.


  • Beauty & challenges. For your individual or group's needs tailored processes (healing sessions and ceremonies), as well as access to specific power spots on the land: by the river, in the cottonwood grove, near the Wall of Ancestors, in the 3-stepped Canyon, all of which offer a different activation.


  • Healing engagement and information exchange with the elements. Practices deeply relating with Nature. Water. Fire. Earth. Breath. Bouquet of experienced local health care practitioners: body work, yoga, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, sound baths or others holistic healing modalities per request.


  • Sacred ceremonies. Opportunities for deep INITIATIONS, healing the original wounds within –  calling forth sincere courage, self-respect and self-compassion.

  • Individual daily preparation, process and integration sessions with Claudia Skye and other facilitators.


  • Sincerely delicious, nutritious, as organic and local as possible meals from this area and private chef Ben.


  • Community. Shared kitchen with other participants if you wish (maximum number of participants seven), or you can take your meals in private.

Your stay is curated for your or your group's individual needs.

This is what it may look like:


Day One

Arrival, reception.

Sacred Intention Setting

​Day Two

Your Body and the power of the EARTH & MATTER.

Body work, Gratitude Despacho

Day Three

Your Sub- & Unconscious and the power of WATER.

 Cranio-sacral healing, Water Cleansing


Day Four

Your Will, Inner Alchemy and the power of FIRE.

Inner Alchemy healing session, Movement, Fire Ceremony


Day Five

Your Heart and the power of AIR or the QUANTUM.

Breathwork, Heart Centered Creation Meditation

Day Six

Your Voice and the power of the WORD.

Sound Healing, Vision Quest in the Grove of Silence

Day Seven​

Your imagination, intuition and the power of LIGHT.

Continued Vision Quest, Emergence, Soul Retrieval


Day Eight

Your thoughts, intentions and the power of the MIND.



Day Nine

Your soul, spirit and the power of your DIVINE SELF.

​ Transcending time & Wall of Ancestors, Lineage and healing through time


Day Ten

​Integration and coming home.

Closing Ceremony


A 10-day immersion, calming your nervous system, emptying your mind, reviving your body, and calling forth all of your Soul.

You are welcome to stay for a shorter or longer time period with or without facilitated healing and integration work.

Would you like to learn more about coming for an intensive retreat?

Feel free to send an email to or



Every season has its own character.


Please, inquire per email at


The cost varies depending on your needs and preferences: private or shared room, meals, facilitation of healing work and ceremonies. 

Connect to find our more.


The Stargate property, 1565 Blue Mountain Road/ County Road 37E, Lyons, CO 80540

Distance from the Denver International Airport:

61 miles, 70 minutes


 RTD AB1 bus from DIA to Boulder. Transportation from and to the Boulder transit station is included.

Would you like to learn more about coming for an intensive retreat?

Feel free to send an email to or



The "shortcut" to heaven is unconditional lived Love.

Pause your busy life, stay on this sacred land and dive deep into your truth, your center, your personal power.

Uncover and face what is holding you back and break through to break open.


During an intensive personal retreat, you will listen for what is ready to emerge from within you.

With skilled guidance, you will uncover and tend to the parts of you that have been hidden, rejected, walled off, which often hold your greatest gifts.

You will connect with the wisdom of your heart, of your body, of your spirit, and of the land and your ancestors. 

Life is a sacred journey. It's easy to forget in our modern time.

Come and retreat from the noise, demands and speed of your life.

Rest in the safe space that is created for you and tune into the gifts this healing power spot offers.

Immerse yourself in the life-giving energy of this sacred earth and let it expand you into greater wholeness and peace. 


Receive loving care and experiences centered around body-mind-soul-spirit healing, transformation and creation.


Enjoy meditations, practices, ceremonies and initiations designed to help you surrender and break through to your Self.

Replenish yourself with nourishing food, in like-minded community, and with holistic healing modalities and herbal medicines available to you.

Heal your nervous system from stress and replenish your creative energy.

Activate your dormant potential and realize your authentic Self. 

Get to know yourself in a deeper way then ever before.

Go beyond perceived limitations about yourself and remember who you are, why you are here and what you are capable of.


Love yourself back into joyfully being You.

Restore harmony, balance and peace in your daily life.

... and much more.


During your retreat, you will touch your deeper wisdom inside and activate inner strength and immense joy.


You will be guided to connect with the sacred Power Spots on this land and engage with the natural elements.

You will engage more of whoyou are, deepen your relationship with your spiritual nature and call forth a deep remembrance of your Soul.


Our retreats are for you if you would love to pause your busy life, go inside and catalyze your inner journey of healing and living as your authentic, empowered Self.

Would you like to learn more about coming for an intensive retreat?

Feel free to send an email to or

If you would like to book the retreat space for your own offerings, feel free to contact me.

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