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is a published health expert with a background in western and holistic medicine who helps individuals increase in aliveness, empowerment and deep personal fulfillment. 


Bridging science and spirituality, she works through the lens of energy and consciousness, intimately collaborating with the powers of the Earth. 

Careerwise, I have studied and practiced in different fields of Medicine since 1994. I have been in private practice since 2010.

I went to Medical School in Germany and worked in medical research as well as a Western Pediatrician in a rural hospital in the Black Forest for several years.


Wanting to go deeper, I went to grad school in Boulder, Colorado, to learn and then practice Chinese Medicine. Having profound experiences with energy and consciousness, I dove into Reiki, Qi Gong, Kung Fu as well as a 3-year shamanic practitioner program.


In healing my own past, I found and developed methods to heal from mental, emotional, physical & spiritual trauma.

I found nature to be my greatest teacher.

Seeking to understand energy, consciousness and the essence of  the co-creative process, I studied transformational life coaching and started going to the Q'ero in the high Andes of Peru, a group of pre-inkan wisdom keepers, whose lineage has reportedly been unbroken for more than 13,000 years.

My life dramatically changed because of it. One could say it fell apart a few times, only to rebuild itself  in the most breath-taking way.




My name is Claudia Skye.


Medicine has been my life ever since I can remember.


A little bit about my professional back ground.

 What do I do in my work?

I practice an intuitive, codified way of guiding individuals and groups into a deeper experience of and with themselves.


I help them access the wisdom of their Soul from which their lives align more clearly with their higher knowing and potential.


In healing sessions and retreats, I support people in healing whatever pain they suffer from, wounds of the mind, body or heart.


The healing occurs through the medicine of our own energy & consciousness, assisted by the sacredness of the land , the elements and the benevolent spirit world.

In the courses I offer, I share perspectives, practices and tools for healing, transformation and creation through energy, consciousness and sovereignty.

My personal work is a lived prayer for us to choose Divine Life.

If you resonate and are looking for a deepening into your self with support, I'm sincerely here for you.

Here is how we might work together:

You are considering doing deeper work through one of my courses (with or without my personal guidance) and would like to get on a 30-minute call to get a better sense first.

You'd like to book an online or in person 60-minute allergy or infection session.

You are curious about in personal work on the Stargate property and would like to learn more about the retreats I offer.

You'd like to book an online or in person 90-minute Inner Alchemy healing session.


with the paqos andinos of the Inka Andean Holy Mountain Tradition at Ausangate, Peru


Lisa's experience

Debra's experience

Carrie's experience

Astrid's experience

Meredith's experience

Kevin's experience

Jennifer's experience

"In just a short time working with Claudia, I was freed of my limiting beliefs, fell in love with myself again and jumped back into the driver's seat of my life. No need for a personal trainer or nutritionist as I'm exceeding all of my health goals. No need for talk or relationship therapy as I've reignited my marriage. No need for career counseling as I've already set out in new business directions. Total transformation from the inside out."  ~ AL


"The coaching program combined with support and motivation from Claudia was just what I needed to make my vision my reality.  She's intuitive, kind, a great listener and extremely inspiring.  I love working with Claudia and look forward to continued learning and healing with her."  JI

"The workshop has surpassed anything I could have imagined!  The new level of understanding of the laws of the Universe and mastery of these important skills has been completely life changing!  I cannot wait to further expand on the base we have created together through this 12 week program.  It is nothing short of miraculous, and I couldn't possibly recommend this program more highly."  HK

"The content, delivery and support of the program was amazing!  I set my goal to increase my income to $250,000 and reached it within 6 months!!  I developed a sense of empowerment as well as a toolset that helps me achieve both my personal and professional goals." AP


"Before I started working with Claudia, I often felt overwhelmed, helpless and inadequate.  Ultimately, I lived in fear of my own potential.  During a year of working with Claudia, I learned incredible tools and a completely new perspective that changed my life.  I feel empowered, I now know that the “impossible” is possible, my financial situation has changed for the better, I experience peace, I continue to receive positive feedback from my community about how I have changed and I am hungry for more."  ZC

"Claudia created a wonderful and inspired space for all of us to learn, reach and grow beyond what we believed was possible.  The practices I learned and the techniques Claudia introduced me to are things that I can do regularly and will use the rest of my life.  Taking her course has changed my life and allows me to listen to my Higher Self and be more aware of what matters to me.  When you know better you do better."  AW


"Claudia’s program came to me at a time in my life when I was struggling with self-esteem and financial challenges that were tied to a job loss in the later stages of a professional career.   I felt lost, in crisis, and losing faith in my ability to succeed.  Claudia provided a sound structure of support that helped me catalyze a shift in believing in my own potential, in paving the way to a new exciting career and to the power each hold to manifest prosperity.  I’d recommend this experience to anyone wanting to break out of old patterns and enrich their own life experience."  GG

"Within a year of working with Claudia my life went from a hazy blur to clarity and a sense of purpose.  She helped me tap into my innermost desires in the context of career, love and relationships and money.  I learned to incorporate enlightening exercises into my daily routine that help me replace self-doubt and negativity with gratitude, love, forgiveness and positivity so that I can follow a path that leads to my true potential.  I’ve shared some her exercises with my family and it has made a huge difference in our sense of purpose as a “team”.  I’ve gone from survival mode to starting a part-time business, volunteering at organization that give me a sense of fulfillment and spending lots of time with my amazing family!"  AM

"Claudia has an enormous match her intellect and expansive spirit.  I recommend her highly."  AR

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