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Alkalize Your Body - Your Personal Health Insurance

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

We all search for an easy solution when it comes to problems, especially when we face a serious one.  And very often, if one is presented, we don’t trust it.  Too easy!

But what if there was a completely doable, inexpensive way to be in great health?  What if taking your well-being into your own hands wasn’t all that complicated?

Ok, let’s go!

The pH of our blood is all-important to our very survival.  If the pH falls below 7.365 it we literally die.  Alkaline means a pH of greater than 7 (-14), acidic means a pH of below 7 (-0).

Most of us eat an acidic diet – high in red meat, sugar, stimulants, processed foods and low in vegetables, fruit and healthy oils.  To compensate for that, in order to keep the pH in our blood stable, our bodies deposit the acid into places in our bodies that are not as critical – at first:  inbetween our cells within any tissue or organ.  There they cause inflammation.

Anything with an –“itis” at the end means inflamed something.  For example arthritis:  inflamed joints, vasculitis:  inflamed blood vessels, gastritis:  inflamed stomach, dermatitis:  inflamed skin. Of course, other factors play into this picture as well, but this is the foundation for the – let’s call it imbalance.  Almost all of our modern ailments have inflammation at their core:  auto-immune disorders like diabetis, Hashimoto’s disease, also cancer.

The logical and practical answer is to change our habits to avoid or even reverse these diseases.

"No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment." Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Price Winner for Cancer Discovery

Test it for yourself:  get a pH strip (litmus paper) and measure your urine throughout the day.  It should be above 7.  See how you feel when it is and when it’s not.  When I feel lethargic and foggy I actually do test my urine and it has literally always been acidic.  As soon as I hydrate well and eat appropriately I bounce back.  If you regularly feel tired you might be surprised how easy it could be to feel better.  Obviously there are a myriad of reasons of why you might be feeling low in energy, but in the end they almost always comes back back to this principle of too much acid in our system.  And – how many people do you know or have heard of that have cured themselves of the most significant diseases by eating differently?  It’s not a rare occurance that people chose that option and are successful you’ll find our if you do some research.

What else creates acidity?  Stress, most medications, not getting enough rest, not getting enough oxygen and exercise.

So, the take away is:  Eat your veggies, drink more good water, rest, breathe, exercise, meditate  -- sounds familiar?  Too easy?

With much love, Skye

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