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How to Harness the Power of Your Mind

To create happier, more fulfilling lives, it's crucial to know this:

We have three minds.

Our subconscious mind -  I like to imagine it like the ocean below us

-      which STORES EVERYTHING we have ever experienced (which is why in hypnosis, we can describe the color of the room we were born in …) -      it can’t rationalize or reject information – it simply takes in everything -      it’s – so says science – ONE MILLION TIMES MORE POWERFUL than our conscious mind -      it holds our beliefs  - helpful and limiting ones, which dictate our behavior

Our conscious mind -  I see a little box around our head

-      it’s selective -      it’s our intellect, our logical mind

And we are connected to what we can call

The superconscious mind -  I imagine vast space that fills us and everything else and extends into infinity

-      some people call it “the Infinite”, “the Quantum Field”, “the field of pure potential”, “God”, … you name it -      and we are a part of it – always connected to it and we can source ideas and inspirations from it that are not a product of our limited other minds

Now, how do we harness the power of our mind(s)?

What’s important to understand first is that if our subconscious mind believed and owned what our conscious mind believes and desires – we would be set.  We would be living the life we dream of.  Because of the fact that our results are a perfect reflection of our subconscious beliefs.

Start by becoming clear on where you are at.  Next decide where you want to go, to be, do, have, give, ... .  What is your vision of a truly fulfilling life?

Write it down - a Vision Statement is the blueprint for the life you want to create.  Read it daily out loud and FEEL this life happening how.

I have created a free tutorial for you that explains how to create and work with a highly calibrated Vision Statement as a powerful manifestation tool. Click here to listen to it and get the pdf.

Learn tools and techniques on how to change your beliefs, your thinking. 

It's daily work.  Wallace Wattles calls "thinking original thought" (versus condition-based or reactive thinking) the hardest work in the world.

But we can do it.  Simply notice a limiting thought that is not in alignment with your dream and replace it with an affirmative one that is in alignment with your vision, the life you would love to live.

Neuro-science has shown that we create new neuro-pathways by doing this and that we thereby erase old beliefs and create new one, ones we choose.

If you are interested in learning more, watch this inspiring TED Talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza

It is well worth it!  

Your results will tell.

If you like this kind of information, subscribe to my email list or follow me on Facebook.  I regularly put out free information and it's all about living more empowered, healthy and on purpose lives.

And I'd love to read your comments or answer any questions you might have.

Much love - and to Your Dreams! Skye

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