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The 7 Reasons for Failure - and the Antidote


If we don’t know where we are and where we want to go, we will most likely re-create a similar version of what we already have.

So, if we would love

  • more fulfillment in our career and relationships

  • better health

  • greater time or financial freedom

we have to become clear on WHAT it is we would rather experience.

The “law of specificity” requires us to know in detail what we can know in order to manifest it.  

We either live by design or default.  It's a choice. 


Studies have shown that one of the main traits of successful people is that they make decisions fast and they change them slowly – if at all.

Decision (de-cedere) means “cutting away from”.  Cut away from things that no longer serve you and DECIDE for a greater life and a greater YOU.


Knowing our purpose behind our desire for more is essential in maintaining the focus, commitment and momentum when working toward a vision or goal.

If we drill down to get clear on that core longing, that true value, we connect to a deep, emotional and powerful place inside ourselves that will keep us going when the going gets tough.

Number 4 -- MINDSET

Our mind is our most mighty ally - or enemy.

And it’s up to us to decide what it is.  Everyone can learn how to change and improve their set of beliefs.

Unless we become aware of our habitual thoughts and change the limiting ones into positive, empowering ones that are in alignment with our goal, we will struggle and - more often than not – not succeed.

Number 5 -- NO PLAN & SCHEDULE

Structure creates support, accountability and ultimately greater freedom.

To plan and schedule activities, to execute them, to asses the results on a regular basis and to adjust what’s needed is what successful people do on a regular, repeated basis to make sure they are on track.

Number 6 -- DOING IT ALONE

Ever heard of the “lone ranger syndrome”?

I am very familiar with it. I used to pride myself in being able to do everything on my own – by myself.

And I can attest to the fact that it’s the surest way to burn-out and often failure.

One hallmark of successful people is that they have built structures of support around themselves:  

teams and individuals that give them the encouragement, accountability, inspiration and knowledge they know they need to keep going and to ensure much higher levels of results.


If we reach for “more” in any area of our life, it’s crucial to ensure that the environment we live in -- our home, our office, the people we spend time with, the media we consume, the food we eat, the recreational activities we engage, … are of an energy that supports our desire to grow and reach for more.

It could be time to let go of some habits, food, people, … in order to make room for greater experiences.


That’s a lot of information. I know it can be overwhelming to imagine to tackle all of it.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Start with DESIGNING YOUR GOAL OR VISION with great clarity.

And to help you do that, I have a gift for you.

I prepared a tutorial for you that describes in detail how to write and work with a powerful vision statement to consciously create a life you design and are in love with.

Click here to claim your FREE GIFT and start your journey to greater success now.

And if you feel inspired to go deeper with this and make these 7 success principles YOURS, set up a free consultation with me to find out what it would look like to get personal support from me.

With love, Skye

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