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Emotional Healing

What is Emotional Healing?

Emotional Healing taps into the places in which emotional pain and trauma, small or large, are stored (in our cell tissue as well as our energy body) and releases that energy out of our system.

Why is it important?

Because it is -- in my experience -- the most liberating, healing and empowering form of healing!! And after working with thousands of people over the last 25+ years, I believe that unprocessed emotions and events are a major source for what we call disease.

It’s very common for us to experience an event that creates an unwanted or “negative” emotion like fear, disgust, panic, sadness, anger, … , and to (usually unconsciously) choose to not fully feel that emotion. Therefor, we miss the opportunity to process the information that the emotion -- which is nothing but a messenger -- gives us about the in which situation we find ourselves.

Even more significantly, the energy of that emotion does NOT simply dissipate. It gets stuck in our system and can cause serious health problems down the road.

Over time, we establish patterns on the “inside” which we then re-create on the “outside” (in our perceived reality and environment). This means we draw to ourselves endless situations that mirror the initial wound in order for us to wake up, take responsibility for our life and well-being and heal or integrate the story we experienced way back when.

I’ll give you a quite personal example. I am my father’s third child and he really wanted a boy. What he got in me was a super sensitive girl he just couldn’t relate to. After feeling for years that he didn’t really want me, he admitted that to me one day. So, what did I do for the next few decades? I attracted relationships with men that started out really promising, but we I always got the point at which I experienced being unwanted. Then one day, when that old pattern got triggered again, I started tapping (using the Emotional Freedom Technique) on it and after a few minutes became crystal clear on the fact that I was re-creating the dynamic with my dad over and over again. This was a major breakthrough for me. And the beginning of change.

So, what do we do?

We can access the energy of the original trauma through our bodies. We can become compassionate witnesses and simply acknowledge what’s there. The energy of stuck emotions can show up as simple physical sensations, or we might feel them as feelings. Our bodies are so smart. We will usually be able to process and transmute the event and emotion in a way that is safe and not overwhelming to our system. Full memories of a trauma are not necessary in order to be released.

For significant trauma work, I highly recommend seeing a trained therapist. In my experience, body centered modalities like Somatic Experiencing or Brainspotting are phenomenal. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can be really helpful as well, and there are many other forms of therapy available.

Even smaller events -- if unprocessed -- come back to haunt us.  In my practice, I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) and other emotional release techniques I developed to shift blockages and pain that we don’t even know we have, but that impede our lives in all ways possible: our health, relationships, financial and professional achievements, our happiness, you name it.

I absolutely love this rewarding work and highly recommend trying it out to anyone that wants to grow and heal on a deeper level.

All it takes is the willingness and courage to surrender to the process and to let go of the old in order to make space for the new.

Much love, Skye

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