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What to know and do about allergies or sensitivities.

After years of working with people with a wide range of reactions to food, pet dander, metals, chemicals, pollen, … , pretty much anything, my understanding about allergies has shifted from a bio-chemical view to a much more broad and complex perspective. 

While it is important to know that there are “true” allergies (the hormone histamine triggers physiological reactions – from skin rashes to an anaphylactic shock) and “mere” sensitivities (slower and chronic responses), the causative factors as well as treatment approaches are really the same in my view.

If I had to put into one sentence what I currently think an allergy is, I would say it is our body’s response to a random trigger (the allergen) that occurs due to an acute stressor or accumulated stress that reaches a threshold. 

Very often, it is our immune system that get’s thrown off and over-responds.  In that case, the allergy plays out in our physiology and we experience symptoms like skin rashes, loose stools, stomach pain, fogginess, joint aches or post-nasal drip.  It can affect any tissue or body part and look a million different ways.  I always consider someone lucky if it shows up as an obvious symptom because it gives that person the opportunity to take action and turn things around.  The sensitivity almost always has an inflammatory component to it and, unchecked, inflammation can cause much more serious conditions down the road like auto-immune diseases or cancer.

Another way for a sensitivity to present are emotional imbalances or sleep disturbances.  Some people get anxiety or depression from certain foods.  This is a much less known situation and really worth examining if you suffer from mood swings or insomnia.

For others, eating foods they are allergic to can literally lead to a dislocated vertebrae in their spine or other reoccurring structural problems.

What kind of STRESS, as a trigger, are we talking about?

That is a huge topic and I’ll try to summarize it to the best of my abilities:  We can look at anything that consciously or unconsciously overwhelms our mental, emotional or physical bodies as stress. I equate this concept to a toxin. 

And what are TOXINS?  

Unfortunately, many influences in our environment are toxic.

- water, air, food, clothes, building material and furniture – they can be full of chemicals (fluoride, metals from chem trails, medications, growth hormones, pesticides, dyes, flame retardants, …)

- too much work and too little rest (your body creates it’s own cocktail of chemicals that act negatively on your health)

- electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF), radiation fall-out, geopathic stress, other energetic influences

- unhealed emotional trauma

... anything that makes you feel anything else but good (as unconscious as it might be): books, movies, music, people, places, your work, your thoughts and beliefs.

While I sincerely hope that one day we can all enjoy a life with a lot less of those negative influences, what we need in the mean time are strategies on how to deal with them.  And there are many. 

Back to allergies.

So, basically, we are experiencing a certain amount of stress or toxicity in our system.  When those hit a certain threshold, often due to an event like a relationship break up, bad news, an accident, or getting the flu, something we are in contact with during that event may become “too much” for us.  Our immune-system, our spine, our psyche are getting “hit” and that “allergic” response is now locked into our system.

How do we clear it?

I’m most familiar with the Allergy Elimination Technique which uses acupuncture points to reset our system.  Chances are good that after one or two sessions that allergy is literally gone. Sometimes emotional or energetic healing needs to be a part of the clearing.  I have seen that, for people with an auto-immune disease, these techniques don’t work very well or long and the healing needs to start on a much deeper level.

What’s important to know is that we can do A TON on our own to basically detoxify and our system and remedy many health problems.  Often times, allergies go away on their own because our bodies know how to do it, we just need to give them the chance.  I will be writing more about this in later blogs, but implementing some of the steps of my earlier blog “How to raise your vibrations and why” is a great start.

Wow, that turned into a long post … I wish you all the best on your journeys, 

Much Love, Skye

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