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The Conscious Co-Creation Code

We cannot not create.

3 self-study courses with lectures, practices and guidebook.

TCCCC - Level One

Understand the anatomy and creative power of your electro-magnetic energy which is the foundation from which you heal, access greater understanding of the natural law, and from which you create your reality.

Cultivate the creative aspects of your energy body through internal practice.


The human operating system

The power of our energy body

The Power of our Thoughts 

The Power of our Imagination 

The Power of our Sound 

The Power of our Emotions 

The Power of our Actions 

The Power of our Self-Image 

The Power of our Body 

Putting it into practice

Bonus: The Power of Intention

TCCCC - Introduction

TCCCC – The Practice

7 Chakra Meditation


The Conscious Co-Creation Code - Level One


Thank you!

TCCCC - Level Two

Grow the clarity, coherence and strength of your electro-magnetic energy body to increase your health, awareness and manifesting ability.

Access the conscious awareness and energy of your life plan and move it through your creative energy centers. Know, feel and embody your truth and see it unfold in your lived reality.


The power of Integrity & Coherence

The Divine Attributes

How to increase the power of your electro-magnetic energy body 1 & 2

The power of energy cultivation practices

Additional tools

Accessing your life plan

Meditation: Accessing your life plan Plus

The Conscious Co-Creation Code - Level Two


Thank you!

"The content, delivery and support of the program was amazing!  I set my goal to increase my income to $250,000 and reached it within 6 months!!  I developed a sense of empowerment and was to apply our work to help achieve both my personal and professional goals."  ~ Andrea

TCCCC - Level Three

Deepen your innate relationship with and capacity for Life, Love and Light, and expand your field of allies. 

Co-create with the world of nature, spirit and the wisdom of your Heart.

The power of our lower elixir field


The power of our middle elixir field


The power of our upper elixir field


The power of our Earth Star


The power of our Soul Star


Introduction to the Co-Creation with Life Meditation


Co-Creation with Life Meditation 



This course is coming soon.

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