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Something is yearning to emerge from within you.

Let it.


Pause your busy life and come to the Stargate property to dive deep into your truth, your center, your personal power.


During an intensive personal retreat, you will be guided into a deep exploration of your Essence.

Working with the powerful energies of this sacred land, with the elements, the wisdom of your heart, your body, your creative energies, your spirit and your ancestors, you will bring to light the parts of you that have been hidden, rejected and protected, which tend to hold your greatest gifts.

When you say yes to all of who you are, you emerge with greater wisdom, dignity and sovereignty.

If you let it, the land will initiate a re-birth of your True Self.

Experience the powerful energies of THE STARGATE,

a 45-acre property near Lyons and Rocky Mountain NP in Colorado.

Cleanse and revive yourself in the waters of the Little Thompson River.

Attune to the peacefulness of the native grasslands and wooded hills.

Connect with inner guidance as you listen in the Grove of Silence.

Offer your past and your story to the fire for transmutation.

Receive the wisdom held by the red cliffs, the Wall of the Ancestors.

Let yourself be transformed by the essence of Warrior Canyon.

Embark on a 1 - 4 day Vision Quest to go deep within.

Illuminate & transform limiting sub- and unconscious patterns.

Purify your body, mind, soul & energy. 

Connect with the natural world and the voice of your true self & your ancestors.

activate dormant abilities to know & heal yourself.

Learn the Art of Manifesting with consciousness.

open to more of you & of life.

"Claudia has this incredible way of bringing limiting paradigms to the surface while simultaneously giving you the tools and guidance to face them, rendering the impossible possible!"  ~ ZC

Would you like to learn more about doing an intensive retreat with me?

Feel free to send an email to or

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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