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Gaia's Gifts

Returning the Sacred into Our Life.

A 9-week course with Nature-inspired wisdom, practices and ceremonies to restore Divine Love, Light & Life-force into our world.

When we are disconnected from the natural world, we stop caring for it. 

As we are  a part of nature, by extension, we disconnection from ourselves and lose meaning, joy and fulfillment.

Engaging earth-based practices and opening to the unseen world in an authentic way brings aliveness and purpose back into our life.

Gaia's Gifts are abundant, precious, and nurture our body, mind, soul and spirit.

They are given freely to the ones who chooses to receive.

  1. EARTH - Stewardship

  2. WATER - Purification

  3. FIRE - Transmutation

  4. AIR - Magnetism

  5. SOUND - Song Lines & Sacred Space

  6. LIGHT - Rainbow Teachings

  7. MIND - Co-Creation

  8. VOID - ReBirth

  9. DIVINITY - You

Bonus - Tools & Resources

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