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Conscious Mind

A 12-module online course to understand & harness the power of our mind and create the life experiences that matter to you.

Learning to use the power of our thoughts & beliefs to consciously to improve our situation in life instead of letting your mind sabotage our intentions is possibly the most powerful decision we can ever make.​


When we understand and apply the physics of transformation, we will remember our capacity as co-creators, thrive regardless of outer circumstances and naturally become stewards of Life on Earth.


Along the way, we might just inspire others to do the same.

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Table Of Content

1. The Unconscious Mind

2. The Subconscious Mind

3. The Conscious Mind

4. The Superconscious Mind

5. The Ego Mind

6. Evolution Of Consciousness

7. Natural Law

8. The World Is Mental

9. The Power Of Alignment

10. Purifying The Mind

11. Sacred Intent

12. Vision Inspired Life

Bonus: Tools & Practices to Find and Shift Limiting Beliefs

"I used to feel overwhelmed and inadequate.  Working with Claudia, I now feel empowered. My financial situation has changed for the better. I continue to receive positive feedback from my community about how I have changed, I experience peace."  ~ Zoey

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