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In the live-events, i share nature-based practices & ceremonies through which we deepen our connection with the land & the elements, with the ancestors, each other & ourselves.


Opening to this space and working with sacred intent, we receive potent medicine & teachings that fill our heart & nourish our soul, and we realize that the answers and our power truly lie within. 

Together, we envision, collaborate and co-create a new world in which freedom, happiness and peace are no longer concepts of the mind, but lived experiences in our day-to-day.

 “This was truly a life changing experience for me.  I had specific and profound epiphanies throughout the 3 days.  Huge thank you to Claudia for guiding me to my truth, and for being an amazing and knowledgeable teacher.”  ~ Pepique

"You have to come. THIS is transformation."  ~ Mary


- a 4-day Celebration of Life -

Come together with conscious community to find inspiration and spirited connection while enjoying ancient wisdom to expand your mind, sacred ceremonies to harmonize your body, nourishing food to stoke your energy and soulful music to lift your spirit. 

At this time, we find ourselves in the long-prophesized overturning, a time between eras where the old ways fall away and a new era arises. This process of rebirth is up to each of us individually and collectively. It requires that we ascend from our head, back to the infinite wisdom of the heart by taking personal responsibility to heal our oppositional mindsets, traumatic experiences, fear-based protections and divisions. Together, we then establish a wholistic and harmonic way of being, for everyone and all. 

The ancient wisdom traditions have been waiting for this time when people would turn to the truth after an epoch of confusion and distraction. The journey of awakening consciousness requires our attention, commitment and mutual care. It relies on learning time-tested, sacred life principles and wholistic practices to help strengthen our connection to inner wisdom and the universal intelligence that moves through everything and everyone. 

SOUL REMEMBRANCE is an invitation to awaken and expand consciousness, revitalize our life force, deepen creativity, reconnect with nature and experience loving presence to help express your soul’s essence amongst family and new friends. It is about experiencing the sacred space that lies beyond our internal noise and external distractions. SOUL REMEMBRANCE is about experiencing heart-centeredness and sovereignty, operating in unified consciousness and transforming competition into collaboration, blame into forgiveness, obstacles into opportunity and fear into love. 

Come, dance, play, relax, rejuvenate and breathe deep as you remember who you truly are and learn to embody a deeply grounded, tranquil and lasting contentment in a world of constant change. 

The Ancestors say that You are the ones they have been waiting for. The time is now. It is up to us. Together… 

Welcome to SOUL REMEMBRANCE.  Welcome HOME.

Andean-Inkan lineage holder Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium and Dr. Claudia Skye Zimmermann will share experiential wisdom and sacred life principles as well as facilitate ceremonies, guided meditations and interactive experiences to help you connect with your deeper self, overcome challenges, free blockages and experience the space of oneness with All. Their offerings help bring deeper meaning, understanding and sacredness to daily life as well as helping you transform your personal, professional and communal relationships.


As human beings, we are designed to naturally self-generate our reality– our health, relationships, circumstance and achievement. In most cultures today, holistic wisdom, conscious lifeways, spiritual intelligence and energy mastery have all but been forgotten. Simply put, we have fallen asleep, become complacent or combative, entrapped in fear and trauma, and seduced into giving away our power to external authority. As a result, we have been programmed to look outside of ourselves for instruction, safety, satisfaction, acceptance and fulfillment. 

When we awaken to our natural capacity and learn how to operate in loving presence, the mind surrenders into its role as a tool of the heart and in doing so, we set about the deeper work of healing. By integrating our life experience into no-dualistic loving presence, we evolve beyond reactivity, independence and separation into loving freedom. From this space, we more easily remember our original relationship with Creation and how to use our innate creative and manifesting capacities to become conscious co-creators and stewards of Life itself. As a Bolivian maestro put it, “Life is an Art. Be the Artist!”

This festival & retreat hybrid is a co-creation with Jenna Faccenda & Rachael Angelo (ConsciousMarketingCollective), Kenny Hate (CommonFlame), Thomas Moroz (Stonehedge) and Jeffrey Wium (LivingWisdomEducation).

Our greatest gifts often lie dormant as hidden truths and forgotten memories.

Bringing them to the life is a choice.

Soul Remembrance - Online Class
~ a 18-Week journey into your true self ~

You and I are Beautiful Eternal & Infinite Creator Beings.

Most of us have forgotten who we are and don't live from our full Soul's expression.

We don't remember that we came to feel, to play and to express our unique essence.


We don't know that we are naturally designed to create Life by how we use our energy.


With our very own body, mind, soul and spirit as well as the intelligence of our energy body, we have everything we need to rise above challenges, transform what is not working, and live our lives in harmony, freedom and peace.

At this time, as external conditions seem increasingly challenging, we are asked to evolve into sovereign and awake individuals, and to collaborate with one another, creating inclusive solutions for the situations we face.


It is time to call back our Soul, our wisdom, our greater understanding.


It is time to remember who we really are, to use our energy with integrity and compassion, and to use our immense potential for the greater and higher good of All.

It is time to stop giving our power away to the external, to know and trust our own inner truth, to activate our greater abilities, and to live our full expression as the loving, conscious and more than capable human beings we have always been.


No Matter What Our Story Is, We Came To Shine.

The in person and virtual events offer a break from the routines of life and serve as an immersion into heart-centered as well as mindful ways of being - with oneself and in community.


They are an opportunity to connect with like-spirited people and create transformation in our personal and professional life. 


In shared sacred space, wisdom, practices, food and music are offered to break down constricting patterns of the old and to open into new possibilities for our life.


Deepening our connection with your heart, our body, our higher mind and spirit, we feel inspired and resourced to bring our vision of a meaningful life into our reality. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can serve you and your group's interests and needs.

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