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Starting in September:

Small group Class with EVOLVE

- a 9-month journey into the intelligence of the energy within you - 


Self Healing  -  Conscious Co-Creation  -  Self-Realization

When our old life no longer fits 

something deeper is looking to emerge.



"Come, THIS is transformation!."  ~ Mary

IMG_2975 2.jpeg

Your Soul is yearning to express, experience & create something beautiful...  Let it.


Retreats can include all or some of the following

  • Yummy, local organic food.

  • Comfortable and tranquil private lodging by the river (glamping yurt tents) or in private bedrooms the farm house.

  • Access to three natural power spots located on the property.

  • Element-based ceremonies and practices, incl. plant medicine journeys

partnering with the intelligence of nature, guiding us back to peace and our Divinity.

Farm-to-Table Meals in collaboration with Heart Stone Farm, Lyons

we are also offering

"I used to judge myself and others. Now, I see myself in everyone."

"A path to peace."  ~ Debra

"For most of my adult life, I defined happiness through my work and pleasing others, so much so that I lost touch with my authentic self. After working with Claudia, I live my life rooted in self-love and compassion, deeply aware of the beautiful power I have on how I live each day. As a result, my friends and family have noticed a positive difference in me. For the first time in my life, I am confident in who I am, and I consciously make decisions to help me create the life that I love."   ~ Meredith


Dr. Claudia Skye Zimmermann. L.Ac. 

Drawing from my relationship with the natural world and my professional foundation as a Western and Chinese medical doctor, Andean Inka medicine practitioner, as a mother, daughter, sister and friend, I share nature-based ceremonies, intuitive guidance, various holistic healing modalities, stories, pathways and practices, support you on your Hero's journey.

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