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We are discovering a new medicine - OURSELVES.


It is about living as an empowered human being, moving beyond perceived limitations, and realizing one's true nature and potential.

This wisdom is in our bones, and we can access it.


In individual sessionscourses, retreats as well as mentorship, Dr. Claudia Skye shares practices, teachings and a safe space for healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual scars, liberating stuck patterns, guiding you back to wholeness.

Drawing from a background as a Western and Chinese medical doctor, as a longterm shamanic, energy and martial arts practitioner, as a mother, daughter, sister and friend, and from spending time with heart-centered indigenous wisdom keepers and listening to the natural world, she offers intuitive guidance, holistic healing modalities, energetic trauma release work with mental, emotional and physical integration, energy cultivation practices as well as nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

Undo Programming

Connect with your Divinity

Thrive being your Authentic Self

In the words of our clients: "I feel so much more alive, empowered, and myself.", "A path to peace."

"For most of my adult life, I defined happiness through my work and pleasing others, so much so that I lost touch with my authentic self. After working with Claudia, I live my life rooted in self-love and compassion, deeply aware of the beautiful power I have on how I live each day. As a result, my friends and family have noticed a positive difference in me. For the first time in my life, I am confident in who I am, and I consciously make decisions to help me create the life that I love."   ~ Meredith


Dr. Claudia Skye Zimmermann

Our ability to create with energy equals our willingness to love consciously and our capacity to live unconditionally.

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